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The MODERN JAZZ TUBA PROJECT [MJT PROJECT] is a ten-piece modern jazz group consisting of professional jazz musicians, primarily based in Nashville, Tennessee. MJT has produced two critically acclaimed recordings: Live at  the Bottom Line and Favorite Things. The group has presented performances at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Cincinnati, OH, the U.S. Army Band Tuba Conference in Washington, D.C., the Midwest International  Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Greensboro, NC, the Texas Music Educators Conference and  the Florida Music Educators Conference, to name a few.

THE MJT PROJECT is exceptional by any standard. Rich Matteson arrangements catch fire, the horns flex like alto saxophones on a bebop trip, the rhythm section cooks, even the tortuous "Blue Rondo A La Turk" (on Live At The Bottom Line) fails to stop the progress of these consummate musicians.

In competent hands, the ballads are always going to be warm and graceful, but add the beautifully written section backgrounds and you immediately appreciate that these are classic sounds. There is no novelty value here, this is a marvelous jazz project and you’d be wise to seek it out. – JOHN KILLOCH, mainlybigbands.com

This group presents an exciting new approach to jazz. With three tubas, three euphoniums, and a four-piece rhythm section, the MJT Project builds upon over fifty years of tradition utilizing the euphonium and tuba as lead instruments in jazz. This tradition started in the late 1940s with "the birth of the cool" and the collaboration between Miles Davis and Bill Barber on a number of recordings arranged by Gil Evans, and was extended through the 1950s by Harvey Phillips (the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra, Gil Evans, etc.) and Don Butterfield (Clark Terry, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus and others).

By the late 1950s, bands were actually fronted by tubaists such as Ray Draper (with "sideman" John Coltrane!) and Red Callender. In the late 1960s, tubist Howard Johnson began his work with the Gil Evans Orchestra and with blues artist Taj Mahal, which led to the formation of the first jazz tuba ensemble, "Gravity", in 1968.

Famous jazz euphoniumist  Rich Matteson, along with tubaist Harvey Phillips, continued exploring ensemble possibilities through the formation of the internationally acclaimed "Matteson-Phillips TUBAJAZZ CONSORT" in the mid-1970s. The MJT Project is an outgrowth of these traditions.

Utilizing the talents of three outstanding jazz euphoniumists—Billy Huber, Barry Green, and Marcus Dickman—and balancing the low end with tubists Joe Murphy, Winston Morris, Richard Perry, the MJT Project explores the best in jazz literature. The rhythm section personnel are all first-call Nashville recording session musicians who have performed and recorded with just about everybody in the music business... with Kevin Madill on keys, Paul Binkley on guitar, Jim Ferguson on bass, and Bob Mater on drums.

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Favorite Things CD
MJT PROJECT - Favorite Things CD
Price: $13.99

Favorite Things, by the MJT PROJECT is the second CD release from this exciting brass ensemble, featuring three tubas, three euphoniums, and full rhythm section.