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The LM-12 is truly the LOUDEST tuba mouthpiece in our line! Think of it as your Ultimate Forte CHAMPION standing ready to deliver a TKO Performance every time you step onto the field... The LM-7 is our most popular and best-selling tuba mouthpiece... period. The LM-7 is a lethal weapon! If you want to improve your range, your playing, AND your sound, but are not exactly sure what LOUD mouthpiece to choose, the LM-7 is the perfect place to start... The LM-48 is a symphonic trombone/marching baritone mouthpiece specifically designed for the performer who is looking for that classic huge, dark, powerful orchestral sound that projects, and projects!
The LM-52 is our most popular tenor trombone/marching baritone mouthpiece with a powerful, clear sound and a rich, warm high range. The LM-6 has the quintessential tuba sound. It’s dark when you need it to be dark. When you ascend through the higher dynamics, it responds with ease, and sounds incredible... The LM-10 is modeled after the very mouthpiece that Tommy Johnson was using in the Hollywood studios on movie soundtracks week after week. If you're looking for a fast attack without having a mouthpiece that's too bright, the LM-10 will "light up" your horn like no other...
NEW MODEL: The LM-11 is designed to give you maximum range and maximum comfort. It works exceptionally well for classical or jazz playing... The LM-31 creates a massive, powerhouse bass trombone sound that is more comfortable and easier to control than the typical thin-rimmed bass trombone mouthpiece...