As a trumpet player, your equipment has to be right. As a lead player, the right mouthpiece can make or break your career. And when the time comes in the score to hit those high Fs and Gs after counting an eternity in rests, there is no room for doubt. You have to play the note perfectly... it's why you're sitting in that chair.

We had one mom call in to our Client Services department:

CALLER MOM: "I don't understand it, but my son lost his favorite mouthpiece and is absolutely desperate to get another. He has other kinds of mouthpieces, but he HAS TO HAVE HIS FAVORITE MOUTHPIECE. How fast can you get it here?"

LOUD SPECIALIST: Trumpet players, especially when playing the lead parts, have one of the hardest gigs in a performing ensemble. They might as well have to walk out on stage and play buck naked every time for the exposure some of these parts require. When a player finds THE mouthpiece, it becomes just as much a part of their performance as their natural talents and abilities.

After a good laugh, and a little more insight into her son's gifts and responsibilities, she ordered another copy and we FedExed it out that day.

Our long-time friend and world-class trumpeter, Steve Patrick, came on board with LOUD MOUTHPIECES in 2007. Steve designed the entire trumpet line using his expertise from twenty years working directly with top mouthpiece manufacturers, playing on over 4000 recording sessions, and playing professionally with Maynard Ferguson, Paul Simon, Peter Cetera, Ben Folds, Glenn Frey, Arethra Franklin, Larry Carlton, and so many others. As LOUD had become the dominant force in low brass mouthpieces all over the world, it seemed like the perfect time to expand and specialize.

We had an amazing response. Professional trumpet players world-wide were switching to LOUD trumpet mouthpieces. Some of these artists were switching to LOUD from mouthpieces they played for ten, twenty, even THIRTY years... the difference was so dramatic. As word got out, more and more trumpet players called needing specific advice on the best mouthpiece in the LOUD line for their particular situation. Client Services would receive the questions, but many times the answers needed to come directly from our trumpet mouthpiece expert, Steve. It got to the point where we felt that in order to serve our clients in the best way possible, we turned the entire trumpet division over to Steve.

At first, we thought Steve would just head up the LOUD trumpet division. However, after further prayer and discussion, we came to the conclusion that the only way we could best serve our amazing trumpet clients was to turn the trumpet reins over to Steve completely. So now, it is our great pleasure to introduce and recommend, Patrick Mouthpieces. Here you'll find a world-class professional trumpet artist, with a true heart for service and education... AND keys to a mouthpiece factory. Yep. At long last, trumpet players can tweak and experiment to their chops content. Steve is offering trumpet players a line of quality, craftsmanship, rare sizes and options, seldom seen by trumpet mouthpiece manufacturers today.

Patrick Mouthpieces