I really love the LM-7. The first time I put it in the horn everything was easier: slurs, articulations, dynamic contrast, with less effort. A very efficient mouthpiece!

As far as the LM-10 goes… I received the mouthpiece as I was running off to work. I tried it in the warm-up room and I liked it so much, I used it for the concert! I played it for some of my colleagues and they all prefer the sound of my LM-10 to my C4’s. The rim is great and I really like the feel of stainless.

Norman Pearson
Principal Tuba, Los Angeles Philharmonic

I am delighted to highly recommend the LOUD mouthpiece series to you. I've used one for several years and simply won't go back to anything I've previously used. It's a matter of response, clarity and efficiency. Most of my students, euphonium and tuba, CC and F tuba players, are making the switch and I've not had a single student decide to go back to an earlier mouthpiece. I'm not talking about subtle improvements but DRAMATIC progress on the horn.

Bottom line is: I've been extremely happy with the results my students have gotten on the LOUD Mouthpiece: It's the BEST they've ever sounded!

R. Winston Morris
Professor of Tuba/Euphonium
Tennessee Tech University
Tubaist with the Brass Arts Quintet and the Modern Jazz Tuba Project

I got the new LM-10 you sent. It works great! I’ve been using the mouthpiece on calls and I like what I’m hearing on playbacks. This is the mouthpiece for me.

Tommy Johnson
Hollywood Tuba Recording Artist

Throughout my tuba playing life, I have never been what some might call an “equipment geek”. I found something that worked for me, and I just didn’t change.

Recently, I tried an LM-10 (seeking a wide diameter mouthpiece, but a cup/throat combination that would allow me to match articulations with my quintet better, especially in the upper register). After just a month, we are matching better and I’m not having to work nearly as hard as I once did.

Several of my students now play LOUD Mouthpieces, as well. And, the results of those changes are evident in their playing and development.

Dennis AsKew
Tuba, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, President ITEA

I’ve just received the LM-52 and…I am a happy man! It has a very nice, clear sound and (very important to me) my lips feel very, very comfortable. Really…I could never expect to find such a mouthpiece and I feel very lucky because it is just what I was looking for. I would like to thank you for your excellent service and quick shipment. Thanks a lot!

Ignacio Juarez
Professional trombonist, Zaragoza-Spain

As an amateur doubler on bass trombone and tuba, I an concerned with both musical energy and intonation. The LM-7 has become my only tuba mouthpiece because I not only pick up about 5dB in efficiency, but I find it is consistent in its timbre from top to bottom – not woofy or thin – and it consistently allows me to play with better intonation in both high and low registers.

Warren Van Kempen, M.D.
Tuba and Bass Trombone

I just got my mouthpiece today. It plays very differently from what I have been used to playing. The whole horn vibrates and so does the chair I’m sitting on! I really like it!!

Scott Myckowiak
Tuba, Lansing Concert Band

I received the mpc on Friday and I must tell you I really like it. I used it in two concerts over the weekend and played “Endearing Young Charms” on both. I got a great response from other band members on the performances and I was very happy with the sound and response from the mpc. Congratulations on a great product.

Thanks again,

SSG Barry Morrison
Solo Euphonium
US Military Academy Band
West Point, NY