Great Sound begins with a Great Foundation.

The LOUD Arc of Steel Sets give your low brass section the uniform strength, endurance and confidence to boost overall volume with accuracy and clarity.

Featuring the LM-12, our LOUDest power punching mouthpiece, your tuba and low brass section will cut through all the crowd noise and deliver their awesome sound straight to the press box and WOW the fans at the same time.

your players will each have their very own LOUD stainless steel mouthpiece,
which has several benefits:

1. Responsibility of ownership: Understanding their comfort and sound is directly tied to their ability to properly care for and protect their awesome LOUD mouthpiece reinforces the self-discipline necessary for successful performance not only in band but in their daily lives.

2. Stainless Steel: The hypoallergenic quality of stainless steel means your students can advance their performance and safely get used to their primary mouthpiece without the concern of developing metal allergies and sensitivities often found in extended use and exposure to regular plated brass mouthpieces.

3. Personal Respect: Personal mouthpiece ownership acknowledges and recognizes personal health and respects a student’s natural need for decency and virtue. Sharing mouthpieces or playing on school mouthpieces that have been around for years… unnecessarily exposes your students to a whole host of issues.

and 4. Esprit de Corps: Your performers have the fun of knowing they get to play LOUD every performance... and have their very own LOUD Mother cheering them on.

You see, here at LOUD, we are a family-owned company. We all have either been in band, have kids in band now, or are looking forward to training our grandchildren just old enough to hold a horn. It’s not about corporate numbers and shares and market domination. It’s about the awesome fun of combining precision rocket science engineering and the ability to play LOUD… and then sharing that with as many players as would like to join the fun. Harmony naturally blossoms out of that sort of environment and easily, respectfully translates across all language and cultural differences.