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Price: $140.00

Product Code: LM31

LM-31 BASS TROMBONE MOUTHPIECE (large shank only)

Full deep cup with medium round rim and comfortable inner bite.
For those looking for a 1G or Schilke 60 style cup.
RIM CHARACTERISTICS: Width 5.4 mm / 0.212inches
INNER DIAMETER: 28.7 mm / 1.129in
THROAT BORE: 8 mm / 0.314in

DESCRIPTION: Model LM-31 has been outlawed in 43 States for refusal to comply with State and Federal decibel ordinances!

Of course, we’re kidding.

This mouthpiece is intended to create a massive, powerhouse bass trombone sound that is more comfortable and easier to control than the typical thin-rimmed bass trombone mouthpiece. The “thickness” of the rim is greater on an LM-31 than a Schilke 60. Our rim is designed you give you maximum comfort at your absolute highest dynamic levels and still give those lightning fast articulations with a big, fat “Are you talking to me?!” sound.

If you are looking for a warm, fluffy, mellow bass trombone mouthpiece….keep looking. Come to think of it, if you are looking for a warm, fluffy, mellow mouthpiece, you’re at the wrong website. Here, we do LOUD! If you believe that the bass trombone is the most important instrument in ANY ensemble, look no further. You just found your new mouthpiece! Available in large shank only.

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