Why Stainless Steel?


By now, it’s no secret that Stainless Steel is taking the low brass mouthpiece world by storm. Comparing a stainless steel mouthpiece to a brass mouthpiece is quite similar to comparing BluRay to DVD. We all thought DVD was as good as it could get, right? Until BluRay showed up…

Stainless steel eliminates the inefficiencies of brass, giving you, the performer, the best possible playing situation.


It is all about vibration. Specifically, REDUCING vibration. Hardness is the answer

Stainless steel is much harder than brass. According to the Brinell Hardness Scale, typical yellow brass (used to make silver-plated brass mouthpieces) has an average hardness of 58. 304L-grade stainless steel (which is what we use) has an average hardness of 140! Stainless is well over TWO TIMES harder than yellow brass (2.413 times harder for you number guys out there).


When you buzz into a brass mouthpiece (i.e., when you are playing your instrument), the mouthpiece itself is vibrating in all directions as your embouchure vibrates. Correspondingly, the louder you play, the more unwanted vibration you create (which creates an “edge” in your sound, and further limits your highest dynamic levels). When your mouthpiece vibrates excessively, then less of your sound/effort transmits through the instrument. Quite simply, these vibrations cause you to lose sound and energy before your sound even makes it into your horn. By vastly reducing mouthpiece vibration, more of YOU is going into your instrument!

The question is: If you could instantly gain projection and comfort by upgrading your mouthpiece, would you?

The stainless steel effect is something the low brass world needed to know about. It was, and is, completely revolutionary.

You will immediately gain volume and presence by simply switching from brass to a stainless steel mouthpiece. Period. Couple that with LOUD's innovative, performance-driven designs, and you have the latest, most advanced stainless steel mouthpiece technology available today!

The hardness of the surgical grade stainless steel works for you from the first note you play. After spending a couple weeks with our mouthpieces, you will realize how much extra effort you have been expending with your old brass mouthpiece.

Our customers immediately realize that much of the effort they used to expend lipping-up on notes, lipping-down, backing off the air pressure, leaning-into a note, etc., oftentimes goes completely away! Many times, musicians think they are battling their instrument’s flawed intonation or response characteristics (and yes, many instruments DO have flawed intonation [flat fifth partial, for example]). However, MANY of our customers write to us explaining that they have come to realize they were battling their mouthpiece the entire time (often for DECADES!). They simply do not have to “manipulate” their LOUD MOUTHPIECE, at all. You can blow freely and straight ahead, focusing on the MUSIC and not battling your equipment.